Fetch’em from the Cupboard is a concession inside Greenwise Grocer’s and Café, based in the heart of Fetcham village in Surrey.

Overwhelmed by the large quantity of packaging on food and retail packaging she was throwing ‘away’, Tracey started to research how she could shop locally without plastic and excessive packaging. Sadly, there were no outlets within Surrey, or even nearby surrounding areas, where she could buy dry goods loose.

Inspired by other zero-waste shop owners setting up across the UK and frustrated by the lack of imminent changes by large food retailers, Tracey started to investigate a way in which she could bring packaging free shopping to her local community.

There is an increased interest in the zero-waste movement and there is a hope that Fetch’em from the Cupboard is playing its small part in the bigger picture of reducing the amount of unnecessary waste destined for landfill sites or incineration. The future is Reuse, the future is to Reduce and once we have mastered these, we then recycle what is left. We have a massive uphill struggle to reverse the damage which has already been done but we cannot let the crisis get any worse.

Tracey is motivated by providing a future world for her son Ethen, where he can grow up, live a healthy life, well and without suffering; long after she is no longer here. We have a responsibility to protect our Planet and the environment for all its inhabitants.

How it works:

Tare = weight of your empty container
Brown Paper bags are also available if you need them.

Here are just some of the brands we have in stock: